The Purpose of your Ecover

8 Sep

Do you really understand the purpose of your ecover? While it is considered to be a jacket for your book it really does more than just look pretty.

While digital products today are becoming totally acceptable the one problem that remains is that of perceived value. In a traditional bookstore a customer can pick up your book, leaf through some pages before deciding if they want to purchase it or not. They can see the quality and the value of the book just by holding it in their hands.

With a digital book the ecover is responsible for increasing the perceived value of the book. This is one reason why the design of your ecover is so important. While it is possible for many sites to offer a look inside the book it is much harder for the customer to determine if yours is the right book for them or not.

As an author or even if you run a publishing company for self-published authors it is wise to keep in mind that the ecover is the first thing a person sees when arriving on your website. The cover will sell the book or will send the potential customer away.

A great looking ecover will help the reader decide if this book holds the information that they are looking for. A bad cover will reflect poor quality and supposedly poor content. Whereas a fantastic looking cover automatically makes the reader assume that the content will be just as great. Whether this is true or not it is unfortunately a fact which you need to account for.

People make connections whether they realize it or not and your ecover is the promise of great things to come. When your ecover hits this mark you can expect to see some great sales for your newly released book.

Another important aspect of taking the time to create an outstanding ecover is a marketing one. If your ecover attracts the attention of a high volume marketer or publisher your sales could soar. It is happened to several self-published authors. They publish on Amazon or CreateSpace and then get picked up by a big publishing house!

A good ecover will be remembered by your readers and this helps them remember your name as well. Producing a new ebook with a cover in a similar style will bring your name back to them. This is another successful marketing ploy that many top authors use as a branding tool. It often works better than having an author website.

If you are new to designing ecovers then you may want to use this online software tool. It is simple to learn and has over ninety different ebook templates that you can choose from.

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