More than Just an eCover

29 Aug

Do you realize that your ecover is more than just a plain old cover on your book? It really does have a significance. The cover on your book is a selling tool which will make or break your sales. If someone doesn’t like the look of your cover they will most likely not even be tempted to look inside your book. Instead they will look for another book that attracts their attention.

This is particularly true for those books that you plan to sell online in places such as Kindle or on the Barnes & Noble website. A nice feature with these sites is that you can quite often click on a link that allows you to peek inside the ebook. This helps persuade someone to buy your book.

The whole key to book sales starts by having a fantastic looking ecover on your book. If you put up a cheap looking, poorly designed cover you will most likely not get any sales. Instead it is definitely worth your time and effort to put a little money into creating a good looking ecover.

I totally understand that for some new authors spending a few hundred dollars for an ecover is just not feasible. Some professional designers can cost a fortune and they are often booked months in advance.

However, you do have other options for getting a great looking ecover made. My favorite option is to use a free software program. It is really easy to use and doesn’t have a huge learning curve the way Photoshop or Gimp have. Plus it is based online so you don’t have to worry about losing your precious ecovers if your hard drive crashes.

Another great feature about this ecover creator is that they have over 90 ecover templates that you can use. Plus they give your graphics and textures for your book or you can upload your own images. Once you have selected your template you add your font and select your color and font size.

After you have made all the changes and are happy with your design you can save it as a 2D or 3D image, or both. Your design is always available to you so you can easily make small changes to it as necessary.  Plus you can take your basic design and then add it to a new template. For example you may want a report cover and a membership card with the same design. It is so easy to create two versions of your cover using two different templates.

The possibilities are almost endless and I am sure you will have fun creating ecovers for all of your digital products. Oh and I forget to tell you the best part, that is the cost! You can create unlimited ecovers each month for less than $20. Let me know if you are ready to get started.

Konrad Braun

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